Relato 19-02-16


¡Así de concentradas escribieron sus relatos las participantes de este Laboratorio!

Empezamos el Laboratorio comentando nuestros gustos literarios, hablamos de lo que más nos gustaba de un libro, de los distintos personajes, los distintos géneros…y después nos pusimos manos a la obra, y este es el resultado:





Os invitamos a que leáis los relatos que surgieron de este Laboratorio y nos dejéis un comentario comentándonos qué os parecen.

6 comments on “Relato 19-02-16

  1. Ivan on

    I have just read the four tales, at the beginning I thought that my favourite was going to be “A fishing day” because I love fishing, but the shocking end disturbed me a little.
    Later on I chose “the corpse” and It left me a bittersweet taste, it´s like the trailer of a movie that I would like to see, why a major would kill his cousin… (I bet he is a pp major and his cousin joined to “podemos”)
    In third place I read “Brightside town”, having read the other two stories I was afraid about the end, I was hoping that the town was populated by cannibals or something like that, and our protagonists were deceived and eaten, but necessary happines arrived finally.
    Last the tale “the tears of a little boy” have a good balance between sadness and happiness, parent´s death against brotherhood retaken, It is a good mixture.
    I am going to say that afther reading all the tales I was right and my favourite is “a fishing day” its weird ending is annoying in a first look but thinking about it make the story great.

    Sorry about my english and forgive me (and forget forever) all the mistakes I surely have had, A friend sugested me to read and write about the tales, and I think I was very necesary.

    • María Señarís on

      “The corpse” it’s fascinating because when I was reading it I need to know what is going to happen.
      “The tears of a little boy” it’s very emotional, I feel so good reading this history because in my opinion shows the love between two brothers in a terrible moment.

  2. Pablo on

    I’ve just read the four stories and I have to admit that I’m totally impressed.
    The quality of the writings is amazing, especially becuase it has to be very difficult to put togheter all these characters, feelings, scenery and a good plot in only one piece of paper.

    If I had to choose one, I don´t know which story would be my favourite. I read them in order, so I’m going to start with “A fishing day”. It’s a great story and I was asking myself all the time “Where are they going?”.However, the end is a little sad because of the mother’s death but it’s part of the story, the contrast between good and evil that every good piece of writting should have.

    “Bridesight town” reflects very well the stressful daily life in the city, in contrast with the countryside. When they found the “fairy tales’ village”, I thought that it would be the typical Amish’s village of a terror film where the main characters would be kidnapped or something worse but they fortunatelly survived. In my opinion, this story makes you believe that it’s never too late to change the course of your life.

    “The corpse” would be the perfect start to a detectives’ novel. It has everything: a corpse, librarian with a calm life until something happens, a sheriff and a major with a relationship with the corpse. All the clues implicate the major as the murderer but it would be too easy for this kind of stories. I’m pretty sure that if it had and end, the librarian would have been the murderer. Please, I encourage the writer to write the extended verion with an end. I’m very curious.

    “The tears of a little boy” has impressed me a lot. Most of the story is sad, because it start with a funeral, a man who leaves his young brother and the feeling of being a coward, but finally he has the courage to return and look after his brother. It’s the perfect mix of opposite feelings that touch your hearth. It’s fantastic.

    Finally, and after reading carefully all of them, I’m going to choose “The tears of a little boy” as my favourite one. It’s a difficult decision because as I said all of them are high-quality stories.

  3. Maria on

    Fishing Day: I felt really suprised
    The bridesight fown: surrealist and it looks that it doesn’t finish
    The corpse: it was impactant but interesting
    The tears of a boy: very beautiful but at the begining a little bit sad


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